Wendy Starling Associate Broker, Owner Wendy@starlingrealestate.co (801) 759-1775

I realized early on in my Real Estate career that I have a deep passion for helping people. After more than 12 years in this industry I've gained a great deal of knowledge and experience - but more importantly I've gained so many relationships that I now treasure. I learned quickly that if you make it about the PEOPLE, not the paycheck, the rest falls into place and you gain not just clients but friends and family for life. THAT is why I love what I do - I get to have a positive impact on the lives and financial futures of people that become very important to me!
In my work I have helped people buy and sell homes, commercial properties, land, lease offices, negotiate short sales to avoid foreclosure, evaluate and procure investments...all technical terms for making dreams come true. I feel very blessed that what I do to provide for my family also helps other families as well, in a big way!
When I'm not negotiating contracts for clients, I'm negotiating homework and clean rooms for my children, making sure my husband doesn't starve, running a local charity that feeds the homeless, reading as many books as I can and collecting sparkly things.


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